The powerful combination of multimedia and postcard marketing

Alluring, creative, cost effiecient & effective - postcard cd and dvd

Can your brochure be mailed for less than the cost of a standard letter?

Does your advertisement demand attention and engage your clients?

Is your delivery method the most effective way to attract 20 to 35 year olds?

If you answered 'no' to any of these questions, you should read on.

The attention-grabbing postcard cd or dvd combines the proven effectiveness of postcard marketing with the unrivalled impact of a multimedia cd.

This striking combination presents your company with the most innovative, cost-effective solution for any multimedia direct mailing campaign.

The high quality offset printed cds or dvds can be intricately printed to echo the postcards design. This provides a wealth of creative design possibilities.

Cost efficient
With postage costs from as little as 20p the savings achieved can be used more effectively to create the dynamic media for your multimedia CD or DVD.

Embed your message
Promoting your products, services or facilities with multimedia will engage and educate prospects more quickly and effectively. A BBC study found that when using images, sound & motion the viewer would comprehend and remember up to 300% more than reading printed literature alone.

Evaluate your campaign
We can track your postcard cds so you'll know every time your CD has been viewed. If you already have content but would like to use our IMTS™ cd-rom tracking system we can code wrap your current presentation to enable the tracking of any CDs. Your invaluable statistics will be available to you 24/7, an ultimate direct mailing solution for any size of business.

The 200 MB mini CD postcard can hold an immense amount of data:

  • 6000 page PDF document
  • 3000 pages of HTML with standard graphics
  • More than eight hours a flash animation
  • A 20 minute movie
  • 23 minutes of CD-quality audio

With a storage capacity of 1.2 GB the dvd postcard can hold 40 minutes of video or two hours of CD-quality audio.

The UK's First Business Card CD Postcard

We are the only UK company to offer the business card cd postcard

The business card cd postcard is manufactured differently to the mini cd postcard.

The business card cd is sandwiched between a transparent plastic window & the rear cardboard of the postcard. The business card cd can be removed through a perferated opening in the back of the postcard.

It is a cheaper option to the embossed style cd postcard but it's data capacity is limited to 60MB

You can also use this style of postcard for a 200MB mini cd. The cost is identical to the business card cd postcard.

virtual tours image for post card page
sales tracking image for  business card cersion