ipix virtual tours

Our uk virtual tours give the viewer a real sense of their surroundings

The Department of energy and NASA initially funded IPIX technology. It was the first commercially available system to produce 360 degree by 360 degree navigable images.

IPIX™ tours unrivalled quality and seamless navigation provide an effortless user experience and give the viewer a real sense of their surroundings.

Business Card CD virtual tours will run on 99% of computers without the need for downloads. The software used to create the virtual tours is extremely diverse & can be viewed in a variety of ways.

Below are some examples of business card CD virtual tours.

Virtual reality tours: a virtual tour is a computer-generated tour in which the viewer gets the sense of actually walking through the location. With the navigational arrows the viewer can explore 360° x 360°, unlike most virtual reality tours our IPIX tours are not limited to panoramic viewing.

Please click the images below to view the virtual tours.

Once the movie has loaded hold the left mouse button down and navigate around 360.

If you can't view the virtual tours download the latest free version of QuickTime