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Can we use people from our own company in the video to save talent fees?

It is very rare that professional actors will be working at your company. Talent is the operative word here. If you feel they are extremely talented all good & well, but we strongly advise if you want an effective video production acting should be left to actors.

Can't we have our people in the video at all?

Of course. If you want to re-create an office environment with staff working away in the background, this is fine. This will also look more natural & save money, if this is what you trying to achieve.

Our head salesperson gives presentations on our product all the time.
Would it be a good idea to use him for the video?

This can be a ver idea. However if the person leaves the company to work for your competitors, this can cause obvious problems. You may even have to shelve your video production altogether.

How about having our CEO or one of our top managers appear on-camera?

Yes. CEO’s & top managers can be excellent for video productions. They know the company inside out & are less likely to leave the company. We would however advise them to look at our tips for looking good on camera (no offence intended).

Can we shoot our own footage and then let you edit it?

Yes. If you feel you have the perfect footage & would like it made into a digital format we can implement a variety of features. We can add menus, chapters, audio & special effects. Please fill out our DVD authoring forms for a no obligation quote.

We have some existing we like but it is in VHS format what can we do?

We have the resources to incorporate many different types of media onto our productions. VHS video footage uses a low resolution format but can be made into a digitised for editing. Beware results can vary depending on the style of footage & original quality. If the production is to impress prospects we strongly advise to re-create the original.

How disruptive is a video production?

If you don’t want to disrupt the workplace & don’t require your staff in the videos we can shoot in virtually any location. We can provide a suitable venue to shoot if required. Please let us know before quoting.

How long does it take to produce a video?

This will depend heavily on the complexity & style of the video required.

What's the most economical video to produce?

A voice/over type is the least expensive. Please take a look at our voice over talents to suit your company’s requirements. The more expensive video type is interactive/acting. These types of production can sometimes double a budget, but can produce the most effective presentations.

How do we find actors?

Our video production team can supply actors for you. Please inform us of this when completing the video production form. They will choose suitable actors for your specific production needs.

Can we see any samples?

We have samples on our video production page. If you require other samples please contact us. You should advise us of your budget first as we don’t want to show you corporate budget epics if you want a short talking head video.

What does a video production cost?

Obviously productions vary greatly depending on style & complexity. Do not feel intimidated when asking for a quote. There is absolutely no obligation to go ahead with the video, it is just impossible to give an estimate without filling out our video production form.

We only have a small budget. Is there anything we can do to help cut costs?

Provide as much footage and resources as possible.

What video formats can we use?

Mini DV, Quicktime, AVI

Can you put our completed production on Business card CD/DVD/CD-ROM for distribution & the internet?

Please state in our video production form the intended uses of your video production. We can supply fomedia.

What’s the first step? What do we do?

Become a free member of Business Card CD by registering your contact details found on the forms page. You can then access a video production form, take a look at the questions, this will give you a few ideas of what information we require to provide you with a no obligation quote. If you have any other questions we will be happy to help, simply phone us or use the members area contact page leaving your details and we will phone you back..