Frequently Asked Questions – Logo Creation

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How can I submit my preferences to Business Card CD?

Fill in our no obligation logo creation quote form.

How will Business Card CD know what style of logo I want created?

You will inform us with web addresses of the logos or choose you’re your favourites from our logo page. We can then gage the style you are looking for.

How many logos will Business Card CD produce to let me choose my ideal one?

You will have the choice of up to 6 initial concepts uniquely designed logos to choose from. Yes six!

How many revisions of my logo will Business Card CD make?

You can have up to 20 revisions of your preferred logo.

What basics should I keep in mind when thinking about a new logo for my company?

  • The style you want us to create
  • A colour scheme to complement your company
  • The overall feel of the logo
  • A logo that will complement your company image
  • What are your intended uses for the logo?

What are some of the common pitfalls when working with a designer on a new logo design?

Great logos are only created by working together as a team. You are actively encouraged to have as much input as possible. This will not only help the design process but will produce a logo to be proud of.

How much does all this cost?

If you are ordering any business card cd package this service all comes included in the price.

What if I don’t want a business card cd package but want to use your logo services?

Just fill in our logo quote form (we don’t want to upset other companies with our unbeatable prices). In the additional comments box just state this is for one of your logo packages only.

Are there any extra, or hidden, charges?

We can’t find any!

How do I order and pay for my logo design?

If you are ordering one of our business card cd packages this service is included in the package price. If you would like to pay for the logo creation & stationary package, please contact us. We cannot advertise our prices as they would upset many other companies.

How long does the logo design process take?

Mock ups will take around 48 hrs & depending on revisions required unique logos can take another 48hrs.

Other companies are quicker, why?

We think about your company’s image at first, then do the design, not vice versa.

How do I communicate with my logo designer at Business card CD?

This will be done via e-mail.

What if I am not happy with the logo Business Card CD have created?

At first, we will provide additional 3 mock-ups, based solely on your previous feedbacks and comments. If you still aren’t happy with design, sorry, it happens, you need to find other designer and get your money back.

Does Business Card CD use 'Clip-Art'?


How is my new logo delivered?

We will digitally send you all the logo formats & also post a CD for no additional cost.

What formats is my logo supplied in?


A PDF file for proofing (checking the colours look fine)
Printing: AI, EPS, PDF, TIFF & PSD.
Office Applications: WMF, EMF & JPEG

We will even inform you of all the fonts to create the logo & colours used (hex). This will help you to inform your printer if you use printing services elsewhere.

Can I import it into various applications?

Yes. You will receive your logo in all the formats listed above, so your logo can be used in any application.

What if I need personalised stationary for my company?

We offer you personalised business card cd design & corporate stationary as part of our business packages.

Our competitors think we need a check up from the neck up!

What happens if I lose my files and/or artwork?

Usually we keep files for about a year, so send us an email and we will send you the images. We do however recommend you to burn your artwork/files to a couple CDs and keep one archived set on your hard disk. When sending artwork/files for further work, use the archived set for emailing or burn another CD for mailing.

Who own the rights to these images and/or designs?

You do. After you have paid for the project they are all yours. However we may want to use them for samples to advertise designs we have created for previous clients.