Digital portfolios & galleries

Business card cd digital portfolios - the ultimate client clincher.

Business Card CD digital portfolios are the ultimate way to explain, describe & illustrate your company's key benefits.

We will create for you the ultimate business card cd that will not only impress your prospective clients but will also distil confidence in your company and make you the obvious choice to employ.

Stone mason or artist ,sculpture or landscaper, whatever service you provide, clients want to know what you can do for them - don't tell them, show them.

Keep a few with you, you never know who you'll need to impress.

Once inserted, the card will autostart with an animation of your company logo. Once your logo animation has finished the viewer will then be automatically directed to your flash mini-site showcasing your company with images, sound & motion.

How much is your next client worth?

For a no obligation quote complete our 8 easy-to-follow steps

The narrated step-by-step digital portfolio guide found on the forms page will explain each step, just tick the boxes that apply to you. This will enable us to provide you with a quote for your very own, client clinching business card cd portfolio.

You will first need to register as a free member on the forms page.
We can then email back to you your free no obligation quote.

An overview of each step can be seen below.
When you are ready, use the link at the bottom of this page to complete the form.

In the 8 step guide you will be able to :

  • View samples of previously made logos and logo animation.
  • Choose from over 1000 flash mini site templates for your business
  • Choose pictures from over 1 million royalty free stock images
  • Choose your own colour scheme from our online RGB colour picker
  • Choose extra services to further illustrate your company's benefits

The eight steps will include:

Step 1 - Logo Creation and Animation.

Here you can choose:

  • If you want a new company logo created for you
  • If you want to supply us with your current company logo.
  • If you'd like your, new or current logo animated.

Step 2 - Choosing your Dynamic Mini Site.

Browse through our 1000's of flash mini site templates. A flash mini site template is a dynamic mini website that will be inserted onto your business card cd. The mini site on your business card CD will work without the need of an Internet connection.

The mini sites images and content [text] will be replaced with your own images and content.

For the quote add the template number & move on to the next step

Step 3 - How many Pages does your Mini Site need.

You can inform us here how many extra pages you will need for your mini site. If after completing all the steps you decide to go ahead with your project you will then be asked to rename each page of the mini site with your preferred page names. You will not need to rename the pages until you agree you want to go ahead with your project.

Example: as you have a photography business you have chosen mini site number 11102 - it currently has 4 pages:

  • About us
  • Folio
  • Services
  • Contacts
You would like to keep all the pages as you want to tell your interested clients :
  • About your company.
  • Include your photography portfolio.
  • The services you provide.
  • Your contact details.

(the page names can be changed when you decide to go ahead with your project)

But you also want to add 2 pages explaining - lets say:

  • The equipment you use.
  • A price chart for your services.

For your no obligation quote you would fill in the box I require 2 extra pages for my mini site.

This will enable us to quote for the extra pages you require. If you do not need extra pages or require fewer pages you will not be charged any additional cost.

If you would like to go ahead with your project we can change all the page names with your own page names.

Step 4 - Images and Content for Your Mini Site

Here you can choose:

  • If you'd like us to replace the current mini site images with images you will supply.
  • If you want to select images from our partners iStockphoto's huge bank of royalty-free images.
  • If you're chosen mini site has a gallery or portfolio of images how many of your own images would you require for your own gallery.

If requesting a gallery, estimate the amount of images that would be involved. At this point this doesn't have to be exact as we can re-quote if you decide to go ahead with your project.

Step 5 - Choose a Design for Your Business Card CD Face.

Here you can choose the design of your business card CD face:

  • If you want to supply your own design for the 'face'.
  • If you want to choose a design from iStockphoto's image Bank
  • if you'd prefer to use our online colour picker to select a solid background colour
  • If you would like us to design a card face to suit your company image
  • if you'd like your logo and contact details on your business card cd 'face'.

Step 6 - Links to Your Current Website

Here you can choose if you would like hyperlinks inserted onto any of your mini site's pages.

If you're not familiar with hyperlinks, a hyperlink will transport the user from a text link on your business card cd mini site to a page you specify on your current website.

This will help the user obtain any extra information they require that might not be included on your mini-site. This is an excellent way to drive traffic to your current website.

If you would like to link from your business card cd mini site to your web site estimate the amount of links you'd like us to insert and fill in the box provided.

If you don't have a website or do not wish to include any links to your website, press the next button to go onto the next step.

Step 7 - Quantity and Type of Business Card CD Required.

Here you can choose the type of business card you want to use and the amount you require. Your choices are:

  • Hockey rink/oval business card CD
  • Rectangular business card CD
  • A custom shaped design

Step 8 - Extra Services.

Choose any extra services you want to include in your ultimate digital portfolio. If you do not require any of the extra services leave the boxes blank and press next.

Once you have completed all the steps submit your choices and we'll get back to as soon as possible with your no obligation quote.

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Step-by-step guide to your ultimate digital portfolio