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USB - Free branding, pre- loading, design and more...

Free branding options

Take advantage of our free silk, pad or laser engraved branding services.

We can also true colour print complex images please ask for advise for images that use 3D effects or gradients as standard silk or pad printing are not suitable for this type of print.

Free logo and design mock ups

To help asses the best size and orientation of your print design, we will quickly arrange a free no obligation mock of your logo on any models of your choice.

Your content configured and pre-loaded

If you don't have time to pre-load and configure the content for your usb let us do it for you, we will pre-load up to 100MB of data for you, for free. We will be happy to discuss options and offer friendly advice if required. Simply tell us what you would like to achieve and we will do the rest, go on put your feet up.

Partitioning your drives

If you would like your content pre-loaded onto a section of the drive that you would like to make undeletable, we can partition the drive into two sections. One can be pre-loaded with your data and the other can be used for clients to store their own data.

If you do not need data to be permanent or may need to change or update the content we strongly advise not to use the write protect facility as this cannot be changed once it has been made permanent.

Password protection for sensitive data

If you have sensitive data you want to be kept private we can password protect all, or if partitioned, a section of your usb flash drive. This will ensure if the drive is misplaced or stolen your data can only be accessed with your private password.

Personalised drive icons

To further promote your brand and make it easier for recipients to quickly locate your content and their storage partitions we can replace the standard removable drive icon with an image of your own logo. You do not need to supply us with a custom icon as we will make this for you at no extra cost.

PMS colour matching

PMS colour matching starts from as little as 50 units and is free on all orders over 200. We can colour match any plastic USB housing or change trim colours on aluminium models to your exact brand colours. Make your USB unique and stand out from the rest with your own pantone matched casing.

Autorun USB

If you have content you would like to run automatically on insertion, we can programme your drive with an autorun function. This works by making two partitions, one with your autorun content and one for clients to store their own data.

The autorun partition makes the computer think it is a CD-ROM which enables the autorun function to work.

Please take into account that some larger corporations have GPO's in place (Group Policy Objects) that are set to stop certain functions working throughout their network. Autorun could be disabled so may not work on some domains. Users personal settings are obviously out of our control so please take into account the pros and cons of using an autorun function as this cannot be changed once implemented.

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