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UK business card cd rom

Rectangular and oval shaped business card cd manufacturing

Business card cds - a sales symphony on a business card !
Does your business card get talked about, passed around and close sales?

Our business card cd replication services offer oval ( also called hockey rink, saddle shaped and oblong ) and business card shaped cd roms capable of holding from 35 to 100 MB of data.

The digital business card media we manufacture has a specially raised data site that sits perfectly in the 8 cm [ 3 inches ] well of your CD-ROM loading tray.

Your shaped cd business cards will be litho or screen printed providing the best quality print available

CD-ROM card replication starts from 1000 units. We specialise in bulk cd replication offering the most competitive prices in the UK with quality to match.

Promote your corporate identity and add brand awareness with personalised printed business card cdr perfect for companies who need to burn their own data.

If you really want to make an impression we also manufacture completely unique, custom shaped cd rom business cards exclusively for your company.

Business Card CD multimedia presentations
- the pocket sized sales rep!

It's a sales symphony on a business card. It's video, graphics, animation, text and audio offering a more powerful sales presentation than each alone could achieve. It's a user friendly sales rep that fits in your prospects wallet!

Whether using explosive multimedia to publicise your companys key benifits or parading your portfolio with galleries of images, the cd business card is the ultimate marketing weapon of mass response.

Decrease your sales cycle - using informative multimedia presentations to describe your products or services will educate prospects faster, they will decide faster. Presented with compelling message they will gain confidence faster. They will buy faster.

Any multimedia components can be used to create your uniquely tailored
sales message.These client clinching business cards can harbour informative or explosive multimedia, promoting your company in the most dynamic way possible.

Put your business in your prospects wallet.

If you require multimedia presentations or any media design services we can take your marketing to the next level. If you'd like to find out more about our expert award winning multimedia design teams take a look at our multimedia services section.

Supplying Artwork

Please make sure when supplying your artwork all fonts are included with your files or save text as curves. Any problems with artwork may result in a delay for your project. If you would like to discuss any artwork issues with us we are always happy to help.

Business Card CD packaging

We provide a vast range of business card cd packaging including business card cd mailers and mini cd packaging options, take a look at our huge selection.

Do you have an idea for your own custom cd packaging?
We can create bespoke cd packaging from card or polypropylene uniquely for your company tailored to your exact specifications. Polypropylene cd and dvd packaging can be recycled this is why we favour polypropylene (PP) over the non recycleable PVC packaging.

If you would prefer to speak to someone in person regarding multimedia presentations or or any of the business card or shaped cd replication services we offer please call 0845 303 3301 or send us an email with your contact details and we will call you back


For bulk business card cd rom prices - call now on 0845 303 3301

If you require blank inkjet printable business card media or any recordable media
visit the Jetmedia website
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