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Audio cd replication - UK

Innovative cd's to get your band noticed.

CD replication UK - We are passionate about music as we also run a record label (kriminal records), so we know the importance of using quality audio cd replication and design to create an all important first impression of your band. Record labels and radio stations get bombarded with hundreds of cds every day, make sure yours stands out in the pile!

Your audio cd-rom will be full colour litho printed providing you with the highest quality media print available. If you're shopping around make sure you get the quality your band deserves. We offer you incredible wholesale cd replication prices for your music. If you provide your best quote for music cd replication we'll see if we can't beat it.

As well as standard cd replication we offer many varieties of eye catching discs.

Fancy something a little different?

Why not have a uniquely custom shaped cd rom to make your band the talking point or ticket cds cut to any shape or size, use for launch parties and events you will be remembered for.

Are you releasing a CD single or E.P?

If you are releasing a CD single or an E.P, mini cds can be a great choice as they can hold up to 21 minutes of audio, they might be small but provide a big impact.

Gold CD replication

As well as printing on a standard silver or white base coating we can now print on gold cds. Using transparent images or text in your design will reveal the gold base beneath.
- bling that beat back! Contact us for a free cd replication sample

Vinyl look CDs

We love vinyl! Unfortunately these days vinyl is used less and less but you can keep the flag flying with our vinyl look uk cd replication. Music duplication for vinyl CDR has been around a little while now, but we can now offer you vinyl look cd replication using the closely guarded secret techniques our pressing plant has perfected to print grooves!

Retail Ready Replication

Our complete retail ready audio cd packages can include:

  • CD barcodes
  • Cello wrapping - shrink wrap
  • Free ISRC code insertion

Packaging punch!

We offer all kinds of audio cd packaging solutions, from standard jewel cases to uniquely designed polypropylene to your exact specifications. We also provide custom printed cd sleeves and any custom printed cd packaging.

Below are some of your cd packaging options:

  • CD jewel cases
  • CD tins
  • Bespoke CD packaging
  • 100% Recycled environmentally friendly CD packaging (no plastic parts)
  • CD digipak
  • Burgopak sliding CD cases
  • Printed card wallets to your exact specifications.
  • Uniquely designed recyclable polypropylene (PP)

If you have a type of cd packaging in mind that is not listed we will source or create exactly what you require for your next release.

audio cd replication and cd duplication prices
- phone - 0845 303 3301-

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