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Business Card CD - Pioneers of creative media & design

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Business Card CD - Reshaping the future of media…

Business Card CD provides creative cd replication and custom shaped media to make your company unique. From our uk dvd replication services and audio cd replication to custom shaped 3D usb flash drives ;we want to make you the talking point.

Advances in technology have now made innovative CD-DVD replication an affordable reality. At Business Card CD we offer uniquely shaped cd roms as well as the standard rectangular and oblong business card cd capable of holding 35 to 100mb of data.

Business card cds are the same size as standard business cards but have rounded corners / edges. This media has the ability to store a whole host of multimedia content including dynamic flash presentaions and a vast deal of data, creating an impact from the moment they are placed into the CD Drive.

In today's highly competitive climate, any business that wants to expand has to evolve using new and effective marketing strategies. We create, seek and embrace new media to provide you with the most up-to-date digital marketing solutions to promote your company.

Creativity makes you unique...
uniqueness makes you indispensable...
indispensable companies have no competition.

Award-winning design

Tired of ineffective print advertising?
Want to take your marketing to the next level?


It's a sales symphony on a business card cd rom

Do you have a product or service you want to shout about, but feel words alone are just not enough?

Grab your prospects by the eyeballs and turn them into clients with powerful multimedia presentations.

Using multimedia to promote your products or services educates prospects faster, enabling them to decide faster. Presented with compelling message they will gain confidence faster and ultimately, buy faster.

From client clinching digital portfolios to a high-octane corporate presentations the media rich digital business card is heralded as the most powerful marketing tool ever created.

This new application of existing CD-ROM technology looks set to shake up the more traditional world of business cards
- source BBC news

Embedding your message with sound, images and motion will help turn your prospects into clients. Our established global network of award-winning designers and multimedia companies in the UK relish the most demanding of projects.

From our uk video production crew comprising of ex BBC personnel to our multi award winning web & flash presentation designers we have formed the perfect team to make your visions an affordable reality. Our quick and easy to complete forms will provide you with a no obligation quote for any multimedia services you require.

The mantra of every successful multimedia presentation is to identify your company's key benefits and deliver in a manner that will impress and excite potential clients.

The ultimate client clinching business card cd rom digital portfolio

If you're looking for the ultimate way to parade your portfolio or showcase your products, we have devised a step-by-step guide to escort you through each step of the process. Take a look at our digital portfolio section to find out more.

Whatever your multimedia objectives we will provide your business with the most cost effective solutions to catapult your business into the 21st century.

Intelligent tracking system - we track the cards, you get the stats

Implementing our IMTS™ technology code onto your business card cd rom or USB flash drive will enable the tracking of your digital media, from initial insertion to comprehensive tracking of individual components such as specific pages or presentations you want to track. This is an invaluable tool for any serious business irrelevant of its size. You no longer have to guess who read you last promotional mail shot with our IMTS cd rom tracking implemented on your digital business cards you will now know the minute your promotion is watched!

Do you already have a presentation ready for replication?

We can now code-wrap your current cd rom presentation to enable our insertion tracking. This will alert you the minute your CD-ROM presentation has been viewed & every time your cards are inserted. To find out more about this invaluable service take a look at our CD ROM tracking page.

Get smart about marketing before your competitors do.

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If you require blank printable business card cdr, jewel cases or any cd and dvd media jetmedia offer a complete range of printable blank media and packaging
blank printable cd and dvd media from jetmedia UK

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Want the world and more?
Our multimedia services are second to none offering you new levels of creativity. With effective CD DVD replication, video production, shape CDs and lots more.

The effective dvd replication service we offer is tailored exclusively to your individual requirements and all at a price that's just right!